Graphene Research Center (GRC, Director: Prof. Sung-Yool Choi) was selected as a key research center of KI for the Nanocentury!

May 3, 2012

Graphene Research Center (GRC) was selected as a key research center of KI for the Nanocentury. As is well known, graphene, two-dimensional one-atom-thick planar sheet of carbon atoms densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice, has attracted explosive attentions due to its extraordinary electrical, optical, and thermal properties. In addition graphene’s outstanding mechanical flexiblity allows graphene-based electronic and photonic devices to be flexible, bendable, and even stretchable. If we would have methods to utilize fully these outstanding properties of graphene, we can realize the next generation human-friendly IT/BT/ET convergent systems based on graphene materials. To this end, 11 renowned professors and more than 80 students from 6 departments will participate in the convergent research projects on graphene materials and devices. In the Graphene Research Center, we will focus on the novel synthesis and controlling methods for high-quality graphene and IT/ET device applications of graphene. By pursuing the world-class excellence through the cooperative research activities between outstanding research groups from different disciplines inside or outside of KAIST, the Graphene Research Center will be a national and global research hub in graphene science and technology.

Positions Open (MS & PhD Students, Researchers)

March 23, 2012

Several positions for research professors, postdoctoral associates, MS & Ph.D. students, URP students, and research staffs are currently available in research fields,


1. Graphene: Synthesis and Application to Electronics and Photonics (Creative Research Project Fund from ETRI)

2. Low-dimensional Soft Materials, Devices, and Systems (Global Frontier Research Center Project),

3. Oxide or Organic Memristors and Nonvolatile Memory Applications (Industry Fund).


Please contact to Prof. Sung-Yool Choi. (sungyool.choi@kaist.ac.kr)

Global Frontier Research Center for Advanced Soft Electronics

March 15, 2012

Molecular & Nano Device Lab, EE, KAIST is now participating in the Global Frontier Research Center for Advanced Soft Electronics sponsored by Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) from 2012.1 ~ 2019. 8 (9 years). Prof. Sung-Yool Choi will lead a sub-project III-3 (Novel soft devices and architectures). Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (Dept. of Physics, POSTECH), Prof. Young-Woo Son (KIAS), and Prof. Sung-Jun Kang (MSE, KyungHee Univ.) joined in this project.

Welcome to MNDL!

December 1, 2011

We need you!


Come and see Prof. Sung-Yool Choi. Then you will become a great researcher!

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